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  • Thomas
  • Manchester
  • Kardamena...
    Date : 2011-03-24 19:37:15  
    Rating : Excellent

    ... is very nice place to stay! Nice harbour, lovely island Nisiros. Friendly staff in restaurant Pelagos and incredible night in Tropicana strip club with friends :P

  • Simon Jenkins
  • Hertforshire
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    Kardemena is the best place in the world, i jhave visited all aroun Greece and Spain and it is absolouty the best place to visit, the nightlife is amazing, and beaches are golden and it is always hot, i went to Kavos in 2007 and it was a bit disappionting seeming as the travel agents bigged it up, i wnet with 3 mates and it was quite and the clubs were old and not renovated. Kardemena is not for the faint hearted i went for 10 nights and i was dead after, it is cheap and the girls are the best around the world. i am going back this year with a group of 16 boys and girls hope to see lots of girls and boys out there, IDS not necsessary to be honest i was 16 and got served fine, buzzzzzzing for july. KAREMENA 09!!!!

  • gary
  • falkirk
  • nikos
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    did anyone have the privalage of meeting the famouse nikos??? he is a guy who drives around town on a harly and some what of a viglianti??? he is amasinly funny to watch he hates anybody who makes a noise after midnight!!!! holiday was supber but this crack pots house was next to my room in the hotel i stayed at fucking eventful to say the least!!!! hopefully some one knows or seen him please get back to me

  • gary
  • liverpool
  • paradise
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    Me and my girlfriend have been to kardamena for the last 3 years and are going back in july this year, we stay in the hotel krismari which is one of the better hotels, its really smart clean and tidy and most of all laid back. the food at the pool bar is good to. my friends joe and michelle have soho bar on the water front which is a bonus and the weather is hot all summer, in 2007 it reached 51 degrees it was great. if your thinking about going to kardamena please do as its for all ages families and groups there is never any trouble and i guarantee you will love it!!!!!!

  • stacie and chris
  • wakefield
  • kardmena
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Above average

    me and my fiance went to kardamena in may 2008 for 17 days and we had the most amazing time ever. there are some fab bars there such as georges bar,passion and chilli peppers. we also ate out at some delicious restaurants, our fave has to be manos,the food there is lovely and the service was spot on, if u go please try it. we miss kardamena so much and are booking again to go next may so we cannot wait! its like being in paradise, you'll know wat i mean if u go, we absolutely loved it!

  • Phil
  • North Wales
  • Families
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    Have been to Kardamena 10 times now, i'm a family man with a grown up daughter and grandson, please dont let the 18-30 lot put you off going to Kos, the Greek authorities have come down hard on them, Kardamena has and always will welcome families, infact the resort has returned to its status as a brilliant family resort, with families returning year after year, there,s something for everbody, (hi to billy and soula at the Aethena Bar)so if your thinking of going to Kardamena go for it

  • sandra
  • wigan
  • kardamena
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    we have been going to kardamena for the last 15 years we go twice a year may/june august/september and we always always have a fantastic time. we have stayed all over the place in apartments and hotels but the best rooms pool and family we have been to for the last 4 years are the paraskos studios. the best beach is down by the old olive press which is run by stelios maria and yiannis there food there is to die for a little expensive but well worth it and it also helps that the setting is ever so romantic . you can sit on the balcony watch the sun go down over the sea and drink a nice metaxa brandy then as the sun goes down stroll into town and have a nice cocktail at artemis bar made by tony and tina. pure heaven. Dont get us wrong there are plenty bars on bar street if u want to rev up and let your hair down till morning side. we took our grandchildren last year who r 6 and 4 and they loved it and cant wait to go back this year . kardamena is as quiet or as lively as you want it go on give it a try you wont regret it. oh and paraskos see you in may.

  • anon
  • hizzo
  • gettin into the clubs???
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    Can any1 tell me as me and my m8s r 17 i no we can drink in the bars and that out there but will there b problems gettin into the clubs ? thanks anon

  • gary long
  • middlesex
  • resort
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    kardamena is great went in aug last year 4 the ninth time,restaraunts r superb,paraskos pool is the best in the resort love the place.10/10

  • wayne smith
  • Stoke on Trent
  • Ideal
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    I have a place in Kardamena next to Mammis Beach and basically it?s a very beautiful.... :-) No need to say anymore.

  • Kelsie
  • Manchester
  • Brilliant
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    Kardamena is absolutely brilliant. My Nanna lives in Kardamena and I go every year to visit her. Each Time i go i do the same things over and over again and never get bored. Kardamena is certainly the holiday i dream for. x

  • christine Metcalfe
  • manchester
  • Kardamena
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    Kardamena is a fantastic place and very friendly, it has a very welcoming feeling and everyone is happy and enjoys life there.

  • Claire
  • Derby
  • Best holiday
    Date : 2010-01-12 22:17:58  
    Rating : Excellent

    Had an amazing holiday when i went to Kardamena, all the english people you meet here are very friendly. The night clubs are pretty good not wnough though there are only two main ones status and Moon light they have an amazing foam party here. My house is a good little club down the bar strip, over all very good holiday. Visited the water park which was newly built when we went in July 07 pretty small so its difficult to entertain your self for the hole day.

  • Michael
  • North East

  • Date : 2007-05-13 00:19:51  
    Rating : Okay, but some problems

    Kardamena - We don't stay there but my girlfriend has Greek friends in the village so we pay a visit when we go to Kos. It's OK, not our cup of tea (when we go abroad we want to sample the local traditions and food, not stay in a carbon copy of Blackpool, but with sunshine). Nice for a day trip, but I wouldn't want to spend a week there... On a positive - the Blue Note taverna on the marina - best Kleftiko in the world! :o)

  • Carol & Samara
  • Glasgow
  • Boat Trips
    Date : 2007-05-01 21:32:15  
    Rating : Excellent

    Fantastic day out with the PRINCESS EFI BOAT.3 Bay Cruise & BBQ..Dimitris + Carol gave us the best day of our holiday..well recommended(5 star)

  • pat & chris
  • hertfordshire
  • Kardamena
    Date : 2007-04-08 21:52:29  
    Rating : Excellent

    We first went went to kardamena in 2003 and we have been back every year since sometimes twice we would never go anywhere else we are totally hooked, the people are lovely especially michael and chris who run chris's snack bar, we have met and made friends with english and greek people, and it's great to go back every year and meet them all again,we have been to nysiros,what an experience that was WOW we have done bubble beach great day out, even the boat trip to kos town is great, there are plenty of bars and restarants in kardamena and we have'nt even done them all yet, also you must go to the calypso bar which is run by illyus and katarina, they make the best cocktails i have ever tasted, also chris makes a mean lamamba drink out of this world, well i usually am after a few lamamba's yum yum. you just cannot fail to love kardamena go see for yourselves you will have the best holiday ever, we cant wait to get back there this year.

  • Carol & Samara
  • Glasgow
  • Bubble Beach
    Date : 2007-03-15 03:22:01  
    Rating : Excellent

    join Carol+Dimitris on the Princess Efi Boat for a fantastic day out..3 Bay Cruise&BBQ..A day to remember..We had a brill day out and swam through the bubbles at bubble beach.Book on the harbour for the cheapest prices..its highly recommended..(5 star)day out...

  • cathy
  • manchester
  • boat trips
    Date : 2007-02-21 22:23:48  
    Rating : Excellent

    The best boat trip to go on is on Aeolos (sp) with Vasilis. The reception is warm and the barbeque is lovely. The whole trip is great for sunbathing and relaxing. Book at the boat itself though, the agencies take most of the cost!!!

  • Ian Duffy
  • Fleetwood
  • Kardamena
    Date : 2006-12-12 01:44:57  
    Rating : Neutral / average

    night life is quite good, however the beaches were dirty and crawling with ants.There is little to do during the daytime and the hotel (Kool Pool)was of a poor standard.Won`t be returning

  • lizzy
  • preston, uk
  • kardamena overall
    Date : 2006-07-11 23:33:03  
    Rating : Excellent

    kardamena is fantastic! me and my friends got bk last thurs 22/6/06. we went 2 the stone roses bar every night. what an amazing bunch of staff. Mad club was great 2. The ppl down bar street we're really friendly and we had many a laugh with them! the food was amazing too.

  • Annette Calpin
  • York. UK
    Date : 2006-04-26 06:38:37  
    Rating : Excellent

    AGRELLIS RULES!!! Been to Kardamena 15 times now, Always the same hotel, Taken a number of friends on differnt occasions (all of them been back and plan to go back again too)We go in the quieter months, May/June & Sept/Oct (Let the young-uns have the rowdy weeks, after all.... you're only young once!!) We have stayed at the Agrellis Hotel everytime, We picked it up on a late availability years ago, and have been back at least one, mostly twice every year since!!! Marcos, Philippos& Vasillis (Brothers, who incidently built the hotel, pool and then added the apartments themselves, as they were/are builders before they became hoteliers) they are the MAGIC MEN!!!, & their sons (David, George, and David) whom we have watched grow up from babes to the young men they are now, helping to run the hotel with their Dads, The Agrellis also own the Status nightclub.The Hotel is only used by Kosmar, C**P flights, but worth the late/early morning departure out of Kos.Ii I never went anywhere else, I'd SIMPLY HAVE to go back here to see them all. A Fantastic family run hotel, clean, well looked after and SOOOO SOOO friendly. FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS... Posodonia,(Just over the bridge and right on the seafront (romantic!!!)a fair walk but WOW! well worth it, typically greek food and the owners are lovely and amusing too. Avli, Just on the square,(more pricey but good food and the setting is devine)CAN'T WAIT going in 2 weeks time and then again early September!!! Agrelli's RULE!!! Marco, Philippos, David, George & David. UR THE BEST!!!!!

  • samantha clarke
  • london
  • jonh and georges bar...
    Date : 2006-03-19 22:19:02  
    Rating : Excellent

    I worked in Greece for 8 months in 2004 and its brill, so much fun, nice weather and the greeks are lovely and friendly. Clubs are great open till early morning.If you want to go for a quiet drink away from the louder bars i d recommend john and georges just opposite down town club, its nice and the owner yannis is really sweet i worked for him for a few months for the season and made me feel at home but better!Anyone thats thinking of going away should go kardamena you won t be disappointed..

  • Linda
  • London
  • Rumours Bar Kardamena
    Date : 2006-02-24 20:11:51  
    Rating : Excellent

    Six of us visited Kardamena last August and had the best holiday ever. Loved the Karaoke at Rumours bar, George with his marvelous medicine and Liam with his wicked tunes made made our holiday unforgetable. Love you guys hope to see you agian this July.

  • Danny Boy
  • The Valleys
  • Kardamena Rocks out!!!
    Date : 2006-01-18 18:06:48  
    Rating : Excellent

    WAAAAAAAHOOOOOO!. The holiday of a lifetime, met a lovely bunch of people, one called Brian. The clubs are wkd, and i canna fault it 1 bit. Goin bak soon wiv the boyz, 4 another installment of super duper funtime!

  • Laura
  • Scotland
  • Teo's
    Date : 2005-11-11 06:31:51  
    Rating : Excellent

    My husband and I went to Kardamena for the first time in May 200 and that's where we got engaged, then we had out honeymoon there and went the year after that too. We both totally adore the place. The locals are super friendly, especially Spyros who owns Teo's which is the small taverna right in the front of the harbour, He is the most loveliest and friendliest and he used to close the bar at midnight and the three of us would sit for hours, sometime until 4am eating, drinking and getting to know each other. The food is OUT OF THIS WORLD, honestly if you go you MUST eat there, you will not be disappointed. Kardamena is lovely and we will defo go back in the future.

  • Kat
  • Wolverhampton
  • Kardamena
    Date : 2005-09-30 08:18:03  
    Rating : Above average

    Got back fron Kardemina less than 48hrs ago and had a brilliant time! I strongly recomend Amozon, you can have a 3 course meal and as many drinks as you want all for 15 euro's-bargin!!! And I recomend their "sex in the Amozon" cocktail to anyone! Just watch out for the greek kids selling glowing wrist bands as they will not take no for an answer!! Would def go back again even tho the airport is a complete nihtmare!

  • daisy may
  • esSEX
  • the T*ts
    Date : 2005-09-16 23:37:42  
    Rating : Excellent

    OMG it was the best hols, wish i was back there!!! starlight rocks but make sure you stick it out til the end as this is when it gets hot!! foam party is a must, as is foam party at flamingo which although not on the same scale plays the best tunes!! And to top if of, MCDONALDS ON THE BEACH!!! the perfect hangoner cure!! lol XXXXX P.S kebabs.....mmmmmmmmm xx

  • Siobhan
  • Manchester
  • Kardamena
    Date : 2005-09-09 01:17:24  
    Rating : Excellent

    Been to Kardamena twice in 2002 ad this year (2005). Stayed at the Kardamos this year and had a fab time. Kardamena is a lovely place with loads to do with great nightlife. Definately worth a visit!! I will definately be going back in the future!!

  • Sarah
  • liverpool!!
  • kardamena
    Date : 2005-08-14 18:10:32  
    Rating : Excellent

    There were 7 of us form Liverpool that went to kos on the 21st of July 2005 for 2 weeks. We travelled with 18-30 and stayed in Kardamos studios. It was first girlie holiday so we decided to have the time of are life’s (which we did). Kardameana is a great place for first timers. The bars and clubs are great especially status and starlight which play r&b and funky house. The music does go off in the bars at 12 but it doesn’t really bother you because u can just go straight to the clubs, which stay open till 6. I would totally recommend the foam party, which is on a Saturday at starlight. Its great we all went in bikinis because you get absolutely soaked. Were we stayed I expected it to be an absolute s*it hole but surprisingly it was aright, not the best of places but perfect for what you want on a clubbing holiday. Kardamos studios is situated right by starlight and only a 5 min walk from the bars so it is perfect to stroll in after a long night. There is a water park in kos but its not the best of places it only 17 euros which is not a lot of money and it does get you away from the pool. We did have a laugh there though because there were 11 of us including London boys we had met over there so we made the most of the day. (By the way there is only 6 slides there). Anyway I would recommend Kardamena to everyone, its fab and you will not be disappointed. P.S we are all suffering from holiday depression we all want to be back there living the dream on the island of kos YES YES hehe. Sarah x x x x

  • Christopher
  • Surrey Uk
  • Kardamena
    Date : 2005-08-03 02:30:33  
    Rating : Excellent

    The place is amazing. The nightlife is good and there are plenty of places to drink (and eat). The beach is fun and lively with good watersports. It is the place to be for people aged 18-27 but it is definately not for families. The place is full of young people and i would most likely go back next year with my friends!

  • carl hall
  • leicestershire
  • nightlife
    Date : 2005-07-30 06:27:06  
    Rating : Excellent

    Kardamena was awsome!!We went 7th july 2005 for 2 weeks.There was a group of 5 lads aged between 17-19,had the time of our lives.The bars and clubs are wkd,our favorites were crackers, buddies,cross roads,metro and down town,in those bars the staff were up 4 it like us n together we had a rite laugh.We also had a great foam party in starlight where the foam comes up to your chest.and we also met mc neat on a special night,which was good.The little greek boys selling things got on your nerves for a start but were funny after a while.There were lots of fit birds about which was cool.i'd recomend you go in crackers and ask for a dogs b****cks,its a pint glass full whith vodka and a very small drop of red bull and a squirt of this red stuff,plus the pr's were well fit in there aswell,mmm,young birds n lads get out there as its full of younger people.Garentee you'll have one of the best holidays ever!! GO 4 IT!!

  • steve
  • devon
  • best bars
    Date : 2005-06-01 03:34:04  
    Rating : Excellent

    great village friendly people as all greeks are.for the best beer and cocktials in the whole of kos you must go to THE BEST SELLERS in kardamenas sea front and see NATASHA AND HER BOSSthe mythos and zorbas are amongst the best ive had in the whole of greece and ive been traveling to greece for a number of years.tdont forget to inform them you read how good their beer was on a website for kos

  • wayne smith
  • Stoke on Trent
  • Holiday Apartment
    Date : 2005-05-11 00:30:29  
    Rating : Excellent

    I have had an holiday apartemnt there now nearly 2 years and I go there aprrox 2 to 5 times a year for at between 1 weeks to 2 weeks stay at a single time.LOve the place and the local people are great!!!

  • Phil Oultram
  • Oxford, UK
  • Kardamena + Nikos II Apartments
    Date : 2004-12-11 02:49:44  
    Rating : Excellent

    Kardamena in general was the best two weeks of my life!The Nikos II apartments were perfect for me and my two friends we were into late nites and late mornings this was perfect,it had a lush little pool bar for snacks and drinx.George the owner was a legend too he owned a bar in the main bar street and gave us lots of free drinx as we were regular customers,ill neva forget this holiday, had lots to do, would highly recommend hiring a quad bike and taking it up in the mountains. If you find my lost nokia ngage while your up there pls contact me!! I would rate kardamena as 9/10 not perfect but absolutely quality and nikos II the same 9/10.

  • Andy & Lynne
  • uk
  • fell in love with the place
    Date : 2004-10-22 02:13:06  
    Rating : Excellent

    Been going to Kardamena same time for last few years, fell in love with the place first time we went there, people are so friendly, made many friends both British & Greek. Village is lovely, bars are great & the food in Ariadni's is to die for. Counting down the days till 7th of May, packed already.

  • steve and julie whitton
  • uk
  • the people in kardamena are very friendly and welcoming
    Date : 2004-10-03 02:13:53  
    Rating : Excellent

    the people in kardamena are very friendly and welcoming.We made alot of friends there,breakfast in costas mmm beautifull and very cheap.Hired a quad to tour the island had a great time.The nudist beach near magic beach was beautiful.On a night we tried nearly every cocktail imaginable,which were very cheap.Kardamena has everything you could possibly wish for and we willl definately be returning,as soon as possible.

  • annonymous
  • England
  • the best holiday i can imagine
    Date : 2004-09-15 11:25:06  
    Rating : Excellent

    Stayed at kardemena for 1 week, was the best holiday i can imagine. If you are looking for a livley holiday, then yes kardamena is the place to go. Drinks aren't too expensive, if you stay around the cheap areas, 2 drinks for 4€, however the clubs and other bars as you go further into the livlier places can go up to 5€ per drink, so watch out for that. everyone is so friendly and welcoming, it was sad to come back, but i will almost definatly be going back again some time soon. watersports are VERY expensive, depends what you're looking for really and you're budget. being a student has it's difficulties. overall exellent holiday and would reccomend it to young couples, or group holidays. it's not really the sort of place to take children, as nightlife is extreme. have a good one.

  • Sophie
  • Surrey
  • Kardamena, Kos
    Date : 2004-07-31 07:03:53  
    Rating : Neutral / average

    A youngsters paradise! Being only 18 this holiday was ideal, as there was plenty of nightlife. It was expensive at 4 euros a drink, but there are plenty BOGOF and free shots offers, though the spirits seemed to be waterd down a little everywhere we went. The beaches were a little to packed for my liking, but we found this beach called "Magic Beach" which is about 5 km from the airport. Highly recomended for some peacefull tanning! When walking along the main streets of Kardamena at night beware because the PA's will try their best to drag you into their bar, and they really put the pressure on you! Also be warned of the gypsies selling roses and novelties, be firm! I reccomend the boat trips and hiring out a scooter as it is quite nice to get out of the town from time to time. Eating out is not cheap, so an all inclusive hotel is your best bet. There are 24 hr bars where in the day time have showings of only fools and horses, friends etc, so if you dont like the sun, thats where to go! Also there is a restaurant called AMAZON where for 20 euros it is all you can eat and drink, that is very good value! Finally if you are looking for a quiet holiday you should write of Kardamena completley, but if your looking for a livley one with lots of drinking, water sports and activities, it should be your first choice!

  • liane
  • newcastle
  • Kardamena
    Date : 2004-07-12 10:00:45  
    Rating : Excellent

    I worked in Kardamena six years ago for two season's.It was the best time of my life, the place is beautiful, the people fantastic, and the food and drink out of this world. It has a very relaxed atmosphere, "no need to know the time here", the locals kept telling me. We always knew when it was 12 o'clock midnight as the music get's turned off and you have to go to sound proof bars. Ideal if you are travelling with family. It's also brilliant if you are young and looking for fun (like I say, it was the best time of my life, and I was 18!!!).

  • Alexandra Waud
  • uk
  • I love kardamena!
    Date : 2004-06-14 02:14:32  
    Rating : Excellent

    I love kardamena! You might ask how can such a small place have such a big heart? but believe me its one of the greatest places on the earth and why should you be the ones to miss out?! Its a really great place so any one thinking about going really should consider it. The people who live in Kardamena are lovely. I met some really amazing people while i was out there and they really made my holiday special. During the day its nice to just chill out on kardamenas beaches overlooking the clear waters of the aegean sea- good for getting a tan if its a sunny day!- The pool at the kris mari hotel is also nice. You can also go on a boat trip to other islands surrounding Kardamena. There are a few designer outlets dotted in between gift shops; which made me happy! In the evening there are some wonderful resturants where you can have dinner. Its at night time though when the town really comes alive. There is a brilliant atmosphere in all the bars and clubs. Im definitely going back again!!!!

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